Ryobi Outdoor

Ryobi Outdoor films commercial on CarsonSpeer job site


When Ryobi Outdoor Products approached CarsonSpeer Builders about filming its newest commerical campaign on our modern farmhouse jobsite, we obliged.  The spacious homesite surrounded by acres of trees provided a picturesque backdrop.


Ryobi arrived on set with trucks full of camera equipment, lighting, actors, and props to film a commerical spotlighting their new line of generators.



While our framing crew continued working diligently on the second floor, our construction site was transformed into a little piece of Hollywood as a director called “Cut!”, “Action!”, and gave instructions to the myriad of people involved in the production.


We feel fortunate to cooperate with a local company like Ryobi Outdoor Products, based in Anderson, SC and can’t wait to see our starring role in the finished commercial.  But don’t worry! Steve and James weren’t lured away by the bright lights of the film industry.  They will still be building beautiful, quality homes here in the Upstate.

Here’s the finished commercial: