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Standards for Excellence



CarsonSpeer maintains the highest standards of excellence on every job, for every client. Our “15 Standards for Excellence” serve as guidelines for every CarsonSpeer project.



  • James or Steve will be on site daily—personally managing each home.
  • There will be clear, honest and regular communication throughout each project. This is such a high priority that CarsonSpeer employs a Director of Communication.
  • There will be direct communication with CarsonSpeer on a daily basis, plus weekly updates with a look back and a look ahead.
  • Homes and homesites will be left clean and orderly.
  • There will be weekly owner/builder walk-throughs whenever practical.
  • Representatives of CarsonSpeer will always be on time, or we will make you aware of any delays ahead of time.
  • CarsonSpeer will work exclusively with the most skilled subcontractors in their trade.
  • CarsonSpeer will do what we say.
  • CarsonSpeer will keep an organized office, documenting projects throughout, with information always at the ready.
  • CarsonSpeer will use the best construction practices and products, not the cheapest.
  • Representatives of CarsonSpeer will be available to review any questions or concerns for years beyond construction completion.
  • CarsonSpeer will utilize a cloud based, near real time information approach. This enables us to retrieve and review project information anytime, anywhere.
  • CarsonSpeer will remain incredibly handsome and attractive, well into our advancing years. Okay, so, we just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.
  • CarsonSpeer will take a team-based approach, using the best suppliers, architects, interior designers and landscape architects in their field.
  • CarsonSpeer will excel by integrating detailed methods of construction management and communication from commercial construction with the creativity that is necessary in high-end, custom home building.